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Continuous Simulation


Organizations expect IoT endpoints – manufacturing control systems, autonomous vehicles, jet engines, and more – to work quickly and effortlessly across various networks and complete a variety of complex interactions.

Our Continuous Simulation Services leverage IoTIFY’s Smart Network Simulator to develop IoT applications in the cloud and simulate millions of IoT and blockchain endpoints simultaneously. We ensure full performance and security prototyping so you can demonstrate conceptual operations and assess technical feasibility.

Our IoT & Blockchain Smart Simulator intelligently prototypes millions of IoT endpoints and blockchain wallets in the cloud. This gives you full system simulation before deployment so you can diagnose issues before it’s too late.

Cost Reduction – Our Continuous Simulation Services reduce expenses by incorporating hardware virtualization into your IoT design and test cycles.

Faster Time To Market – Our services apply lean principles to your development roadmap so you can decouple hardware dependencies from software development and improve project pipelines.

Amazing Scalability – Our services enable you to harness the power of Docker driven cloud based orchestration for virtual elements.

Powerful Test Automation – We automate tedious workflows such as regression tests, scalability, and software upgrades to improve your product quality.


Build production ready IoT & blockchain prototypes in your browser

  • Develop IoT and blockchain applications in the cloud without any hardware dependencies.
  • Embrace intelligent simulations for blockchain wallets, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart meters, hospital beds, oil transformers, and more.
  • Leverage the virtual IoT & blockchain lab to start parallel hardware and software development with distributed teams.

Simulate MILLIONS of IoT & blockchain endpoint simultaneously

  • Support up to 20 million concurrent endpoints or more.
  • Execute tests from the GUI, a pre-configured “script” or configuration file.
  • Configure endpoint intelligence with JSON + JavaScript, including custom code for JavaScript message configuration.

Model cloud providers, IoT protocols, blockchain dependencies, and networks

  • Generate traffic in real time to any cloud platform provider, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, or Google Compute Engine
  • Run multiple simulations for HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, LWM2M, UDP, TCP, DTLS, TLS, etc, simultaneously
  • Mimic different communication profiles (cell connected, broadband connected, etc.) and model underlying network conditions and network latency.

Ensure full security testing and integration

  • Generate device specific tokens key as part of the device registration and provisioning processes.
  • Enable bidirectional testing with security and certificate enrollment.

Deploy IoT & blockchain applications for tomorrow, today.


$10 / Pay as you go

1 Virtual Lab project

10 Virtual Lab hours

100 Database Records

10 IoT Endpoints

1000 Network Simulation credits

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$*** / Annual

Simulate Millions of IoT endpoints

Develop Custom Virtual Sensors

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Sensor API & Test Automation

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TransactIQ delivers comprehensive continuous services for building great applications that are highly available, secure, and interoperable. Our SEALs utilize leading technologies, rigorous standards, and proven methodologies to minimize risk and maximize productivity. Leveraging our portfolio and expertise enables companies to capture new efficiencies, new revenue sources, and increased market share.