Rapid7 | TransactIQ


Rapid7 Metasploit helps you use the bad guys’ own weapons against them. Utilizing an ever-growing database of exploits, you can safely simulate real-world attacks on your network to train your security team to spot and stop the real thing.

With Metasploit Pro, you have:

  • Unparalleled access to real-world exploits via the Metasploit Framework, maintained by 100,000+ contributors and users.
  • Ability to automatically correlate the right exploits to the right vulnerabilities.
  • Filtering of dangerous exploits to enable anyone to conduct a safe penetration test, regardless of experience.
  • User awareness tests with intuitive phishing and drop down campaign wizards.
  • Antivirus evasion techniques as well as post-exploitation modules to dive further into a network after an initial breach.
  • Metasploit integration with InsightVM to create the only closed-loop penetration testing and vulnerability management workflow and prioritize what matters most.

Metasploit Pro tests your defenses to make sure they are ready for the real thing. It simulates every step in the kill chain to ensure your incident detection and response teams catch attackers at any stage. It also validates that your compensating controls work properly too.