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Neotys’ NeoLoad is the only load testing platform designed for cloud-ready apps, microservices architected apps, mobile, blockchain, IoT applications, and enterprise-grade packaged apps.

NeoLoad’s load testing abilities enable agile teams to run continuous and automated performance tests earlier in the software life cycle at the API, microservice, or component level. Development teams can resolve performance issues before they become too costly to fix. Developers and testers can automatically run NeoLoad tests from their favorite CI server since load testing is fully part of the agile delivery process.

Test Earlier In The Life Cycle

  • Run your load tests at API, component, or microservice levels earlier in the software development life cycle for continuous testing and delivery
  • Expand the cost and availability of testing resources as non-specialist staff easily learn NeoLoad and perform superior load testing
  • Re-use existing functional tests (i.e., Selenium tests) for performance testing

Automate Load Testing

  • Integrate NeoLoad with popular CI servers like Jenkins, Bamboo and TeamCity
  • Enable Continuous Deployment automation based on performance
  • Turn performance SLAs into pass/fail unit tests

Accelerate System-Wide Testing

  • Design complex load tests 10x faster with wizards and automatic parameter handling
  • Update system-level scripts 20x faster with automatic user path updates
  • Quickly analyze test results to identify the root cause of a performance bottleneck