IoTIFY | TransactIQ


IoTIFY is a cloud simulation platform that allows you to build production ready IoT and blockchain prototypes in your browser. IoTIFY enables global teams to embrace intelligent simulations for blockchain wallets, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart meters, hospital beds, oil transformers, and more – and to do so at scale, with millions of IoT and blockchain endpoints.

With IoTIFY you can:

  • Develop IoT device models using powerful Javascript based templates
  • Generate traffic in real time to any cloud – AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, or Google Compute Engine.
  • Run multiple simulations for HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, LWM2M, UDP, TCP, DTLS, TLS, etc, simultaneously.
  • Mimic different communication profiles (cell connected, broadband connected, etc.) and model underlying network conditions and network latency.
  • Send and interpret pre-configured message payload templates.
  • Generate device specific tokens key as part of the device registration and provisioning processes.
  • Enable bidirectional testing with security and certificate enrollment.