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Product Training


We believe that technology based training ensures the most value from our product training – and the most value from the the products.

By technology based training, we mean training that is led by seasoned, highly qualified SEALs (Software Engineers Across the Lifecycle) that engage with students in a comprehensive process around a continuous Software Development Life Cycle. Students aren’t merely told or shown what to do in fragmented sound bites; rather, they engage in a collaborative, thorough process in its entirety. We produce SEALs trained by SEALs that deliver impressive results back into your organization.

All courses are delivered around a unified, proven approach: Discuss, Demonstrate, Do.


Our courses are targeted to help organizations empower development teams with the practical skills they need to function more effectively. We cover products ranging from Neotys NeoLoad, Micro Focus LoadRunner & Performance Center, Fortify On Demand & WebInspect, BURP, and IoTIFY. In every course, regardless of the topic, we thoroughly integrate best practices for engineering performance and security into your SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

  1. All courses are supported by live instructors teaching in real time. We offer remote or on site training to accommodating your team’s schedules.
  2. All courses include demonstrations of how processes and products work, with students interacting in hands-on lab environments.
  3. All courses include access to a hands-on lab environment with a complete set of training materials and all necessary products, accessible 24 hours a day for the duration of each class.
  4. Every TransactIQ instructor explains key principles and concepts to students, with lively, interactive discussions that foster inquiries and learning.
  5. All courses require students to apply the knowledge they have gained. At every step, instructors continue to reinforce standards and best practices to enhance learning and promote retention.


Our value proposition – whether it’s in regards to TransactIQ Product Training, Product Development, Continuous Security, Center of Excellence, etc – always centers around helping you build great applications that are interoperable, scalable, and secure. You can transact your business confidently because you trust your applications’ reliability.

TransactIQ’s Product Training not only teaches teams how to create better software and reduce the risk of software failure, but is specifically designed to provide deeper strategic value:

Agility – Because the performance and security SEALs we train are up to date on current practices and tools, they are better equipped to respond nimbly to new and unexpected demands around software integration and delivery.

Empowerment – TransactIQ SEALs graduate with an enhanced confidence in their capabilities and development processes, enabling them to function more effectively in their positions.

Availability – Because TransactIQ SEALs are empowered and more productive, you are often able to satisfy increasingly strict SLAs.