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Product Development


TransactIQ offers Software Product Development and R&D services.

We are the developers of the CoAP IoT Test Protocol for Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.55, Performance Center, and StormRunner Load products. It is currently available for download here.

We utilize leading software development platforms to build stable, high performance, and robust software using .NET, Java, PHP, C, C++, Python and Ruby. We can help you build enterprise software for multiple industries and lines of business.

Our customers typically want to speed time to market, reduce total cost of product development, protect intellectual property, and enhance emerging computing models to grow in new markets.


Our mission – whether it’s for TransactIQ Product Development, Continuous Scalability, Continuous Simulation, Center of Excellence, etc – is to empower organizations to deliver great applications that work flawlessly. We also build these applications for you.

TransactIQ’s Software Development Services utilize our value based engineering to enable you to meet or reduce total product cost. We build software efficiently through leveraging pre-built globalization tools and cloud-based frameworks. Our “specialist” approach leverages a DevOps engineering model that focuses on continuous software improvement. We utilize reference methodologies and automation tools built from years of expertise in working with top global companies.

When we develop software for you, we enable you to:

  • Minimize development time and cost without compromising quality
  • Supply new demand by leveraging advances in cloud computing, IoT, and blockchain to deliver new unique customer experiences
  • Outcompete and outperform your competition through running your business on software that thrives in a climate of constant disruption, short innovation cycles, and ever changing customer expectations
  • Realize the value of operationalizing on software designed to drive competitive advantage