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Class:NeoLoad Certification
Cost:$1200.00 per person (normally $1750.00)
Duration:3 days
Dates:March 21, 22, & 23 of 2018
Address:500 Interstate Blvd S Suite 210, Nashville, TN 37210
Equipment:A personal computer for each attendee is required. The computers must be able to properly execute NeoLoad. 4 GB of RAM and a CPU at 2 GHz or greater are advised.
Note:This training will help prepare you for attaining a NeoLoad certification. Stick around after the training on Thursday for a live episode of PerfBytes.

General Information

The purpose of this course is to provide an in-depth understanding of NeoLoad and how to use it by employing best practice methodologies. Significant hands-on experience is incorporated into the curriculum to reinforce the classroom work. This course is comprised of both lectures and lab work/exercises.

Learning Objectives

After attending the NeoLoad Training, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key points of a load-testing project and apply the best methodology to answer them.
  • Record and design simple and complex virtual user profiles.
  • Monitor an architecture.
  • Define simple and complex load profiles.
  • Analyze test results and create reports.


This training class is suitable for QA team-members and test engineers, software developers, and other staff members responsible for load/performance testing of web applications. A general knowledge of computers, Web, system and network technologies will make learning easier.

Course Outline


  • Introduction
    • The Training Objectives
    • Why Performance Matters
    • Our Answer at Neotys: Continuous Performance Validation
  • Design
    • Recording a User Path
    • How to Make a Good Design


  • How to Make a Better Design
    • The Framework Parameters
    • The “Record Here”
    • The User Path Update
    • Tips About the Variable Extractor
    • The Page Advanced Settings
    • The Shared Transactions
  • Building a Population
  • Monitoring the Infrastructure


  • Runtime
    • Setting Up the Load-Test Scenario
    • Running the Test
  • Results
    • Reading the Results
    • Starting the Analysis
    • How to Make a Better Analysis
      • The Comparison
      • The Filters
      • The Debug Mode
      • The Service Level Agreements
      • External Data

To attain the certification: Neotys Certified Professional

  • An email will be sent to trainees after the class with instructions on how to take the test
  • This is an online test that is all multiple choice
  • The trainees can take this test at their leisure

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