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Note: Media content produced previous to the Dec 2017 Transact IQ rebranding still reflects the original EndPoint IoT brand.


Endpoint Iot Announces Coap Protocol For Hpe Loadrunner, August 2017

EndPoint IoT Announces CoAp Protocol for HPE LoadRunner To Enable Performance Testing Internet of Things Applications

Creating CoAP Protocol Scripts in LoadRunner

Performance Testing IoT Protocols With LoadRunner

EndPoint IoT CoAP Protocol For HPE LoadRunner Installation


Performance Testing Blockchain?

Any application that runs on blockchain should be validated for performance and scalability. This is important, because many feel that blockchain cannot reach mass acceptance right now because of slow transaction speeds. I began looking into this and made a few interesting discoveries…

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The IoT Landscape For QA Professionals

As the market in the US becomes better defined, the window of opportunity to establish a bigger footprint diminishes. Our audience is usually performance engineers and quality assurance resources. If this is you, then I would recommend that try to determine where you fit in. IoT platforms and applications need to be tested. Are you ready to jump in?

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IoT Protocol Testing and Interoperability

One of the biggest challenges to the Internet of Things is interoperability. Our goal is to enable all performance testing vendors to support IoT platforms and applications so we can ensure they can be tested just like enterprise applications of the past. If you are struggling trying to digest the protocol soup but you still need to get the performance testing done, we’re here to help.

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