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At TransactIQ we are SEALs – Software Engineers Across the Lifecycle. We believe that great applications are interdependent and require continuous software engineering throughout the entire product lifecycle.

This means we evangelize best practices for software development with strategic business outcomes in mind. These outcomes are efficiency, automation, and customer-centricity, allowing our customers to create new revenue sources and increase market share.

For example, when focused on application performance, a SEAL considers all tiers to evaluate if high CPU utilization is the root cause of 60 second user logins. When focused on application security, a SEAL begins recommending and tracking security improvements before a line of code is ever written. He/she evaluates the security of all transactions as soon as the requirements are ready. This security oversight includes the entire system – infrastructure, network, database, third parties, UI, support, and code.

When do I need a SEAL?

  • Look at your user stories. Do you have detailed performance and security components contained in each item? If not, you need a SEAL.
  • Look at your test scenarios. Is response time and security evaluated with a promotion gate after each test? If not, you need a SEAL.
  • Look at production. Do you have a high ratio of Canary fallbacks? If so, you need a SEAL.
  • Are you measuring the cost of performance drops in production and correlating the drops to specific codes sets? If not, then you need a SEAL.


We innovate.

Our extensive background in traditional enterprise software and the modern software of the digital economy allows us to solve difficult problems and deliver specific solutions across all lines of business. We represent over 40 years of thought leadership in software engineering and cyber security, and have direct relationships with industry R&D leadership around the globe. We like to work in conjunction with visionary companies who are leading the way into the future.

We deliver excellence.

We are world-class consultants who grew up in Deloitte and the Fortune 500. We provide the professionalism of a Big 4 consulting experience with defined, finite, and personable engagements. Our SEALs hold relevant industry certifications and are on the forefront of their respective disciplines. They lead digital transformation across multiple industries – telecommunications, healthcare, banking/finance, insurance, manufacturing, and more.

We honor your work.

Your success is our success. We take an active interest in your business and we appreciate the importance of what you do. All our services – Continuous Scalability, Continuous Security, and Continuous Simulation – leverage a tool agnostic approach which ensures work is completed in the best possible manner. We work on concise SOWs. No scope-creep. No bloated projects. We complete our projects on time and on budget.


Unbiased Results – TransactIQ is a company you can trust to give you unbiased testing results. Our extensive, agnostic product portfolio and SEAL approach allows you to identify real defects and vulnerabilities early. Our qualified testing engineers provide an independent, honest assessment that enables you to make business decisions based on accurate data.

Reduced Cost – We provide the right people with the right skills at the right time to reduce cost and maximize productivity.

Reduced Risk – We align with the project schedule to ensure that delivery is on time and under budget. We expect to earn the right to be your trusted advisor.


Does it sometimes seem that customer satisfaction is a thing of the past? For us, it’s not.

If you think you aren’t happy with our work, we’ll make sure you are. Our success depends on your satisfaction.