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A well designed cloud application scales seamlessly as demand increases and decreases, and is resilient enough to withstand the loss of one or more compute resources. The key to knowing you have a well designed web application is continuously verifying your software development processes meet your application availability and security benchmarks.

We specialize in non-functional and cloud specific testing, as well as some functional testing. We enable you to “verify and trust” scalability and performance in regards to session sharing, asynchronous processing, logs processing, monitoring, continuous deployment, real-time user monitoring (RUM), and more.

TransactIQ’s robust proven methodologies in scaling cloud applications help to drive higher ROI, reduce test cycle time, and minimize risks. We provide domain expertise along with non-functional testing services. Our Continuous Scalability Services are more efficient than traditional testing due to the reduction of capital expenditure for hardware, software, and maintenance.

TransactIQ differentiators:

  • Dedicated SEALs experienced in testing large, complex cloud implementations across domains
  • Dedicated SEALs familiar with international standards including OWASP, OSSTMM, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, WAHH, etc.
  • Extensive product expertise with Neotys NeoLoad, Micro Focus LoadRunner/Performance Center, StormRunner Load, Apache JMeter, Appium, Selenium, and more


The benefits of performance and security testing your cloud applications with TransactIQ:

  • Avoidance of preventable testing schedule setbacks
  • Availability of on demand virtual and physical testing environments
  • Cost reduction of on premise test environments and infrastructure costs
  • Increased testing coverage with qualified testing engineers
  • Engineering expertise in cloud interoperability with IoT and blockchain
  • Consolidated performance standards and security compliance