Center of Excellence | TransactIQ

Center of Excellence


A TransactIQ CoE (Center of Excellence) enables organizations to unite people, process and technology together to realize the vision of a centralized quality enterprise. It establishes standards for the successful governance of sustainable projects that align to its principles.


TransactIQ offers enterprise CoEs focused on Performance Testing, Application Security, and Blockchain Interoperability.

Our enterprise CoE framework leverages tools, techniques, and methodologies to deliver high performing, secure, and near-zero-defect applications to clients. It includes a gap analysis on performance and security testing practices, establishment of a software quality vision and roadmap, and governance implementation.


TransactIQ has developed a scalable approach to the management and governance of services delivery within the “lead and manage thread” of our CoE framework. This includes a comprehensive program management methodology and governance framework to successfully plan, resource, and manage services delivery.

Our clients realize expected value while deploying large-scale transformation programs on time and within budget.


Our TransactIQ CoE enables you to:

  • Maximize ROI from all software testing through consolidation and standardization.
  • Minimize production support costs across all projects by ensuring fewer software defects in production.
  • Deliver higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement with improved software quality across the organization.
  • Promote centralized vendor relationship management and multi-vendor collaboration.
  • Minimize time to market for software development across the organization.
  • Promote a holistic development culture of high performance and high job satisfaction.

Larger companies that build a CoE will reap the benefits of economies of scale of a centralized resource.

Smaller companies that build a CoE will be able to scale as the company and service portfolio grows.